consultancy to the
upstream oil and
gas industry”



BiSN provides independent consultancy to the upstream oil and gas industry. Our field and laboratory based team provides innovative solutions using biological, chemical and mechanical techniques. These can be used to enhance recovery, production and reduce costs. We have a modern laboratory dedicated solely to solving problems faced by the oil and gas industry. With bases across the globe we have the ability to provide an efficient field service in Europe, North American, Asia and the India subcontinent. With our range of chemical and biological solutions we look to provide clients with enhanced oil and gas production, reduced operating and maintenance costs with the aim to increasing asset life and value.

Wel-lok M2M Bridge Plug

souring control

The BiSN Wel-lok M2M Bridge Plug range offer a superior gas tight bridge plug solution to the oil and gas industry. The BiSN Wel-lok M2M Bridge PlugTM has been qualified to V0 under the ISO 14310 classification and provides a long term metal to metal sealing solution.... More…

Microbial Corrosion


Determining the presence of microbes and the roles they play in corrosion within the oil and gas industry is vital. Therefore BiSN provides a diagnostic and continuous monitoring service to ensure that corrosion causing microorganisms do not reach problematic and costly levels. More…

Biocide Performance


Biological contamination of oil field systems can result in various detrimental effects, including, biofouling, corrosion, and biological souring. These are common problems for established oil fields where secondary and tertiary oil recovery methods have been employed. More…


Research & Development

BiSN Asset Enhancement Programme offers independent advice for operators in selection and development of new technologies. As part of the asset enhancement programme we offer a full research and development programme.
BiSN can undertake custom research and development programmes into a wide variety of oilfield issues. We can help plan and conduct routine, as well as radical R&D. Read more…